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Dec 5, 2013 1:00am EST
on that. have a lot of married couples and free school meals for kids. of course, the tapering with energy -- what will the impact be? [laughter] >> we would not want you to be chilly. that was manus cranny live from westminster. we will bring you a speech -- osborne's speech live. >> the ecb will publish its decision following last month's surprise rate cut. focus will be on mario draghi. here witherro is details. >> it is hard to follow manus cranny. [laughter] let's talk about these forecast. a reason many people thought they would cut a rate this month and not last month. the rate cut would come with the company forecast. what we will get is something as bright as the u.k.'s forecast. they currently predict one percent growth for next year at inflation is at 1.3%. that is well below the 2% target. it is important. it might sound a long way off. we know that dally on swift guidance -- dalliance on guidance -- you might get some color on that. >> and deflation, is that justified? we had had a bit of a kick up. if you look at october numbers, inflation was below that of japan's. the about
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am EST
is expanding as china increases consumption of energy. the lowestcut it to level in at least four years. disney's animated film is first in the u.s. and canadian theater's. the film took in almost $44 million. it took over the number one spot "catching fire." revive thesses to factories. they hope to boost the maserati in new models. more on that story, unless burden jonathan ferro. -- let's break and jonathan ferro. --te a bit of money was up let's bring in jonathan ferro. -- quite a bit of money. >> down almost 60%. european car sales are getting smaller. we have went from a market share of 9.3% to 6.3%. what did you do to turn things around? we know with the new launch can do. a kick in sales. that's according to people with familiar. what the model will be? guy touched on it. this is the upscale fiat. the luxury maserati and leveraging the success of the cs 500. it's about premium. it is about to where the market is right now. fiat przybilla -- people are not ple, people are not buying it anymore. >> it could be a great ubiles. >> absolutely. you think about italy. is good. that will make t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2